From Thursday, July 23rd to Friday, July 31st, ARCHIVE SALE will be held at the following stores and online stores.

The archive sale will be held from Thursday, July 23rd to Friday, July 31st at the store locations and the online store (only available in Japan).


and ONLINE STORE (only available in Japan)

In addition, we will take the following measures in consideration of the health and safety of our customers.
・ Always wear staff masks, wash hands, gargle, and thoroughly disinfect hands
・ Thorough temperature measurement and physical condition management before work by staff
・ Securing a certain distance from customers when serving customers
・ Admission may be restricted depending on the situation.

In order to ensure the health and safety of our customers, we will be operating under vigilant hygiene management practices as below
・ The staff must ware a mask at all times and be under hygiene management.
・ The staff need to be in good physical condition.
・ The staff will practice physical distancing.
・ The number of individuals allowed inside at a single time will be restricted.